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Private Security Company (PSC) – Parameters. How to Choose Safe Custody

Private security business celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. Word business has a special meaning in the context of this article. Experts point out that the leaders in the market of security services are those companies that are based on the main principle of successful business – the service should be convenient for customers.

Experts say that innovative PSC is the hi-tech customer-centered company committed to accomplish tasks provided in customer contract; they list a number of parameters for a safe innovative private security company that can be systematically given as follows.

First, the company should be licensed for security business.

Second, rapid response team should be in proximity to the guarded object and allow for road peculiarities.

Third, risks of reliable security company are insured, employees as well.

Fourth, cost of services. Companies operating in one region, as a rule, have nearly the same rates. And if the price is too low, that’s the point for concern: safe company must be equipped with all the technical facilities needed and staffed with well-trained personnel. But it takes a lot.

Fifth, the company should be transparent. It is good if it has an Internet site where you can get the whole information, specifically – about background, objects, customers that have already opted for the services of the company.

And, sixth, at last, you should be proposed a contract to sign. Read it carefully. All in all, PSC activities are subject to code of laws on private security, but a lot depends on the contract – extent of PSC liability, alarm response time, additional insurance and much more.

«FORT+» Put Through Its Paces

FORT+ Private Security Company was established in 2005.

Vyacheslav Petrov, its head and sole founder, has twenty years of work experience in security structures under his belt. Therefore the central principle of his business is the professionalism, besides experience, it means impeccable discharge of treaty obligations to the customer, constant search for the most efficient working practices, flexible pricing for security services, absolute confidentiality.

Security officers of FORT+ PSC underwent training in a special educational establishment, and have certificates for private security guard activity, essential special facilities and communication means. Guard business of the company took out insurance.

High level of FORT+ professionalism is proved by impressive portfolio: its customers are not only local high-profile enterprises but also foreign companies on the territory of Ulyanovsk region and Volga Federal District that place special demands on security companies.

Security officers of FORT+ PSC work at various objects of different complexity: industrial enterprises, dairy factories, meat-packing plants, malls, mobile network operators, educational institutions, construction sites, production facilities and agricultural enterprises.

Professional facilities and vast experience built up a good basis for development of the security business – in 2008 Vyacheslav Petrov registered another PSC – SPRUT.

You can find more details about the company on www.en.ohrana73.ru

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AiF in Ulyanovsk Weekly, September, 2012

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