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How to Find A Good PSC?

This is the question many heads of enterprises in Ulyanovsk as well as business owners ask: private security company performance impacts property safekeeping, occupational safety and health level, personal security. Vyacheslav Petrov, director of FORT+ PSC, describes prime features of the good PSC.

The most important criterion is to be licensed for security business, like FORT+ PSC.

It is better to choose security company with vast experience, good reputation and presentable office. The longer PSC runs, the more professional services it provides. FORT+ is a well-known name in the regional market of security services; the enterprise is six years old, and I’ve been working in security structures for more than 20 years. I am the member of Coordination Council for interaction with private security and detective structures under Ulyanovsk region Directorate of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. Our customers can always count not only on perfect discharge of treaty obligations, but also on immaculate observance of business integrity and absolute confidentiality.

Good PSC takes full material responsibility for keeping property on guarded objects safe. FORD+ PSC can afford it: all risks are covered, besides, all our colleagues are insured against accidents at work.

The point of significance is circumspect personnel policy. Our PSC has an established team; staff is given a full social package and fair remuneration for their work. Every security officer undergoes professional training in special training center.

Security officer should be perfect in all the respects, including appearance. FORT+ PSC guards are dressed in well-cut bespoke uniform with insignia. However, they can work in plain clothes per customer’s preference. The officers are equipped with special facilities and communication means.

A good PSC has an impressive portfolio, solid experience of work at various objects of different complexity. FORT+ cooperates with such high-profile Ulyanovsk companies as Ulyanovskmolprom JSC, Megafon JSC, Molochny Zavod (“Milk processing factory”) JSC, Mirazh Business and Trade Center, Amarant Trade Center, Simbirsk Business Center, Monolitstroy-Plus LLC, Kommerchesky Tsentr LLC, Simbirskresurs LLC, restaurant RICH and Krasny Lev, Bratik Tomatik Pizzeria and many others.

Pavel Markov, Director, Bolshenagatkinsky Myasokombinat (meat-packing plant):
- Our plant has been working with FORT+ PSC for five years, and we are happy about it, positive as it is. Security agency of Vyacheslav Petrov means safety, bona fide fulfilled obligations, army discipline observed carefully by the top of the company, comprised of career officers. And it is Vyacheslav Petrov, “the Founding Father” of the Company, who inspires respect. He is Professional with a capital ‘P’, eminently decent person. I can easily recommend the services of FORT+ PSC to all thriving businessmen in the region who care of safekeeping for their business.

The great virtue for PSC is the cooperation with foreign companies that place special requirements to security agency. The guard working at such a company often acts beyond conventional personnel safety and property protection. In this case PSC guy shall think and perform deeper, monitor security threats at work, enforce accurate occupational health regulations. FORT+ is significantly experienced in work with foreign companies in Ulyanovsk region. The holdings with established reputation that carry out large capital investment projects put trust in us.

Transparency is another important feature of the serious security company. In the office or Internet site (www.ohrana73. ru) of FORT+ PSC you can have a closer look at feedback from customers that thank our staff for security professionally arranged at their companies, city sports and public events.

Delovoe Obozrenie (“Business Review”), November, 2011

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