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Security As A Profession

Vyacheslav, why did you decide to go into security business?

- It’s my fate! I did 10 years of service in internal troops. I’ve been to flash points – in Tadzhikistan, Nagorny Karabakh, Abkhaziya – more than once. After I’ve been working in security structures a good while. And in 2006, when I started the business of my own – FORT+, I had no problem choosing the field of activity. Every person should do things he can do, things he knows best.

Nowadays security services are almost everywhere. How much is this needed?

- One can often hear about security guys that they are just wearing out the seat of their trousers at the objects. However, to understand the significance of their work, and occasional need for it, we can run rather simple experiment – remove guard for a week. And that’s it… Heads of the businesses in custody get used to the quiet surrounding they acquire soon, and from some point of time they start taking it for granted. Things cannot be set in order on their own. And I’ve already told you how to check that.

What are the requirements to an applicant for the position of security guard?

- It is important that the person was responsible and punctual. These traits are a must-be, other things can be taught. It is believed that security is staffed mostly by former officers of defense and law enforcement agencies. That’s not so. There are cases when people come directly from industrial works. Of course, they undergo essential training, and do their job just fine then. The good man with common sense is the key, the rest will follow. Alongside with that, the one is surely to have teamwork skills and capacity for buddy system interaction. Sometimes people come to apply for the job with intention to lock up and nap. Some people still keep thinking that security guard can work at his country house in the day-time and have a rest at work in the night-time. No way! Security guard should be professional; he should be able to adjust to any situation in a matter of seconds.

Why there was no such need for security guard before 1991? What changed?

- Everything changed: people, public moods, system of values. Nowadays security should be arranged everywhere: from classified facilities to kindergartens. And it’s not possible to rely solely on the police – they can hardly assign a watchman to every object. I sincerely wish we had less work, but we cannot expect that in the foreseeable future.

Does this mean that security guard acts in a way as law enforcement agency?

- I don’t think that security companies should duplicate police. We cooperate with high efficiency at times. Our guards are authorized to detain a hooligan or pilferer, but later we hand them off to police, where their cases are investigated lawfully. Of course, now and then, we help law enforcement agencies to keep the peace at public events – sports, New Year parties. And yet, that’s the need dictated by our current, not very quiet times.

How often do you settle issues of security by force?

- The guard should be well-versed in hand-to-hand combat, physically well-conditioned, but the main thing is the brain, thinking skill, ability to find the way out of any situation with minimum loss and without law violation. One can pacify anybody, the most inadequate person, and escalate no conflict. High skill level of the guard is proved by his craft to fix any conflict situation using non-violent methods.

What other functions is security guard able to perform?

- Large-scale enterprises, especially those established in partnership with foreign investors, have wider guard functions than commonly believed. And it covers not only physical security of the object, but also occupational health, abidance by safety engineering rules. For example, an employee is walking without helmet around critical infrastructure or works at height without safety belt – security guard can suspend him from work until he meets all the requirements. As a matter of fact, guards partly act as safety engineer.

Is Security Company liable for damages to property in custody?

- Certainly! This liability is documented in the contract for security services. And we can even underwrite this liability.

FORT+ is successfully developing. What is the formula for success?

- We guard most diverse objects: kindergartens, production facilities, trade centers, factories and even agricultural enterprises. There is no formula. The key is honesty and responsibility. Half of our employees have been working since the opening of the company. If management fulfills every obligation, people leather away. Good services are always in demand.

By Sergey Yuryev, Delovoe obozrenie, December, 2012

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