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«FORT+» - Safe As Houses

Professional Security Company guarantees high performance

Prospective customers are getting more on to the fact that the contracts should be signed with those private security companies that are licensed for security business, seasoned, insured against risks and well-reputed. FORT+, one of the largest PSC in Ulyanovsk, perfectly meets those requirements. Good witness to that are its customers: such major producers as Ulyanovskmolprom JSC, TAKATA Rus LLC (automotive spare parts producer), Miraz Business and Trade Center, Simbirsk Business Center, Monolitstroy-Plus LLC and many others.

Vyacheslav Petrov, Director of the Company, is an honest, decent person, a professional if you ever saw one, a man of his word and action. He has served more than 10 years in the army. He has been to flash points in the North Caucasus. Six years ago he left it for the security business of his own, and obtained a license. FORT+ was his first offspring covering mostly the administrative center of the region. A bit later the subsidiary, SPRUT PSC, saw the light of day, and focused on the objects in the countryside, for example, Svinokompleks “Volzskiy” pig complex in Krestovo Gorodische and Timiriazevskoe Experimental Production Farm. Country people love it more and more: they prefer to pay for security than to lose their harvest to thief raids.

All this while, Mr Vyacheslav has been building his personnel policy step by step. For instance, he practices mentoring with his employees, i.e. he assigns to the object officers from those who work with him for an extended time, those he fully trusts, and always the young ones who follow the example and learn how to work. He says so: “The old folks that make the core team always have something to teach. Some has been in Federal Penitentiary Service once, others in Police, still others – military… By the way, I have two deputies from the military; the third one was in law enforcement: carrier officers, before retirement they had held high ranks. Serious guys, in a word, that want and know how to work.” That is still more important, hence the guard should know a lot, not only how to secure the perimeter. Foreign customers make especially strict requirements to the guards. They’ve got Western approach to any problem. There is nothing to object here: The customer is always right.

Mr Petrov sticks to the rule and admonishes others: “Don’t trick people. Employees work according to conscience and decency, when they are taken care of; then they will act with heart and soul. It is deeds people believe these days, not words or promises. If you have a good name, reputation, experience, they’ll be eager to cooperate. If you lose them, blame only yourself.” He feels certain that good job needs fair compensation. So far, he says, half businessmen, at least, would like to see their companies safely secured and pay peanuts, or even pay nothing at all. If truth be told, we should admit that they are waking up to this, very slowly though, but still. And with that FORT+ is getting stronger prospects for future development.


There are about 200 PSCs in Ulyanovsk region. However, heads of only 22 major companies are members of Coordination Council for interaction with private security and detective structures under Ulyanovsk region Directorate of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Vyacheslav Petrov among them. Obviously, FORT+ works closely with law enforcement agencies on all kinds of questions, including policing during public events.

Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ulyanovsk, June, 2012

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